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Humana Medicare Supplement Plans (Medigap)

Private insurance companies like Humana offer Medicare Supplements. These insurance plans work alongside Original Medicare Parts A and B. They give you coverage for things that aren’t covered by Original Medicare. This includes out of pocket expenses such as deductibles, copays and coinsurance.

Humana Medigap insurance is the same as Medicare Supplement insurance. Like all Medicare Coverage, Humana’s Medicare options are divided into parts and plans.

Qualifying for Humana Medicare Supplement Plans

You’re eligible to enroll in a Medicare Supplement plan if you are at least 65 years old and enrolled in Medicare Part B. Medigap coverage is not available to people who are in a Medicare Advantage plan. Medigap eligibility is established by the government, and it does not change from one insurance company to another.

Most people sign up for Part B coverage during their initial enrollment period. IEP is a seven-month span around the time you turn 65. You can wait and enroll in Part B when you’re older, but keep these things in mind:

  • If you are waiting because you still have insurance through your employer or union (or your spouse’s), then you can sign up for Part B without penalty within eight months after that coverage ends.
  • If you sign up for Part B at another time, you will probably have to pay a late enrollment penalty. This is a fee that will be added onto your monthly premium. It’s added for every month for as long as you continue to have Medicare.

If you are younger than 65 and on Medicare because of a disability or end stage renal disease, you may also be able to buy a Medigap policy, but it will cost more. Humana’s under-65 offerings vary by state.

The Best Time to Enroll in a Humana Medigap Plan

If you’re new to Medicare, you have a six-month open enrollment period to sign up for a Medicare Supplement plan. Open enrollment begins on the first day of the first month that you are 65 or older AND enrolled in Medicare Part B.

If you are turning 65 soon and have already signed up for Part B, you can arrange for early enrollment in any Humana plan. Therefor, your Medicare and Medigap coverage will begin at the same time.

There’s a benefit to taking advantage of open enrollment. Humana or any other insurance company you choose must issue you a policy, and you can’t be asked to pay more because of pre-existing conditions.

There are a few other situations when you have this unique benefit, known as a guaranteed issue right. But if you apply for Medigap coverage when you don’t have guaranteed issue rights, you may end up paying much more for coverage. In addition, the insurance company may deny you because of your health conditions.

Compare Humana Medicare Supplement Plans

Humana offers eight Medicare Supplement Plans. They offer Plans A, B, C, F, G, K, L and N – plus a high deductible version of Plan F. These plans are standardized across insurance companies and locations.

For example, Plan F always offers the same set of benefits. No matter where you live or whether you buy coverage from Humana or another insurer. If you live in Massachusetts, Minnesota or Wisconsin, the plans are standardized in a different way.

Depending on where you live, Humana may offer some or all of the eight plans.

The most popular Humana Medicare Supplement plans include:

  • Plan F. With Plan F, once you pay the monthly premium, you won’t pay anything out of pocket for your covered healthcare costs. Plan F covers the basics like your 20 percent Medicare Part B coinsurance, Medicare Part A deductible, additional days in the hospital, and skilled nursing facility coinsurance. It also covers your Part B deductible and it’s one of only two plans that cover Medicare Part B excess charges that can add up to 15 percent to your Part B provider bills.
  • Plan G. Plan G offers almost all the benefits of Plan F, but at a lower cost. The only difference between the two plans is that Plan G will not pay your Medicare Part B deductible — $183 in 2018. Plan G is the only plan other than Plan F that covers excess charges.
  • Plan N. Plan N still offers strong benefits, but usually with a much lower premium than Plan F or G. This Plan doesn’t pay the Medicare Part B deductible or cover excess charges. You also may have to make a copay of up to $20 for doctors and $50 for emergency rooms. Plan N includes all the other benefits of Plan F.

When shopping for Medicare Supplement plans, remember that Medicare Supplements do not cover:

Medicare Advantage Plans from Humana

Medicare Advantage (Part C) plans offer all the benefits of Medicare Parts A and B. Plus they often include supplemental coverage and the option to add prescription, dental and vision insurance.

However, unlike Original Medicare/Medigap that allows you to see any provider who takes Medicare, Medicare Advantage HMO/PPO plans usually operate with provider networks, limiting your choice of specialists and other providers.

Humana offers three types of Medicare Advantage Plans: The Humana Gold Plus HMO, the HumanaChoice PPO and the Humana Gold Choice PFFS.

Medicare Part D Prescription Plans from Humana

Original Medicare covers prescriptions that are administered during an inpatient hospital stay. However, it does not cover prescriptions that you take at home. This makes a Medicare Part D stand alone prescription drug plan important. Humana offers three types of plans:

  • The Humana Walmart Rx Plan features a low monthly premium and you save money on copays at Walmart or Sam’s Club pharmacies. The deductible is $0 for less expensive tier 1 or 2 drugs. It’s $405 for tier 3, 4 and 5 drugs.
  • The Humana Preferred Rx Plan has low co-pays for many drugs if you use a preferred pharmacy, and a $405 deductible for all drugs.
  • The Humana Enhanced Plan has broad coverage with no deductibles, and you save money by ordering 90-day supplies from Humana’s mail order pharmacy service.

Humana Ratings

Humana’s Medicare Supplement plans are consistently popular. Humana is known for its reliable customer service representatives, additional programs and add-on coverage.

Humana is a Fortune 100 company and has been providing Medicare Supplement coverage for more than 20 years.

Most Humana plans include the Silver Sneakers fitness plan as a free benefit. Silver Sneakers gives you access to gyms and exercise classes throughout the United States with no membership fees required.

Compare Humana Medicare Supplement Plans Online

With Original Medicare alone, you could find yourself paying thousands of dollars in coinsurance and copays for:

  • doctors
  • tests
  • emergency rooms
  • and other medical care

Let us help you find Medicare Supplement insurance to bridge this gap, with a free online quote and personalized assistance. Just fill out our quote form or call the number above to get started.

Humana Medicare FAQs:

  1. Does Humana Medicare Part D cover the shingles vaccine? Yes, Medicare Part D will cover the shingles vaccine. Original Medicare does not.
  2. Does Humana Medicare cover cataract surgery? Medicare Part B will cover corrective lenses and eyewear necessary post surgery. Learn more about vision coverage here.
  3. Does Humana Medicare cover me while I’m traveling overseas? Humana Medicare Supplement Plans C, F, G and N cover 80 percent of medical costs for a foreign emergency that begins during the first 60 days of your trip. There is a $250 deductible and a $50,000 lifetime limit.