New Hampshire Medicare Supplement Plans (Medigap)

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New Hampshire Medicare Supplement Plans were created to go work alongside Traditional Medicare benefits. These plans provide additional benefits to cover medical costs such as deductibles, copayments and coinsurance which normally aren’t not covered by straight medicare.

Medigap Plans are offered by the local insurance carriers in your area and help expand the benefits offered by the 4 parts of Medicare.

New Hampshire Medicare Plans Explained

There are 4 partsNew Hampshire Medicare that construct the whole federal medicare program.

  1. Original Medicare has hospitalization coverage which are your Medicare Part A benefits.
  2. Your outpatient benefits are covered by your Medicare Part B insurance.
  3. Then there is the Medicare Replacement Plan, or Medicare Advantage Plan, that takes over the benefits of Medicare Parts A and B.
  4. And lastly there is the Medicare Prescription Drug Plan (PDP) that provides your RX benefits.

of the 4-part Medicare is the Medigap Plans. There are 10 letter plans that are offered by the private insurance carriers located throughout New Hampshire. Combined with your Original Medicare benefits and a PDP plan, the Medigap Plans can provide the most comprehensive medical coverage.

What Benefits Does Medicare Cover in New Hampshire

Whether using your hospital or outpatient benefits, Traditional Medicare covers both at 80%. These leaves you, the Medicare beneficiary, responsible for hundreds if not thousands of dollars to pay leftover from that 20% not covered by straight Medicare.

A Medigap Plan can help offset these costs and depending on your healthcare needs will depend on which Medigap Plan you will want to choose. Seniors residing in New Hampshire can obtain a Medigap Plan to help with those out of pocket (OOP) costs not covered by contacting us today.

How to Qualify for New Hampshire Medicare Supplement Plans

With the Medigap Plans you need to have already turned 65 years of age and currently carry Medicare Part B benefits.

There is a 7 month Open Enrollment Period (OEP) in which your eligible to enroll for Medicare Part B without penalty. The OEP begins the three months leading up to your 65th birthday and continues through for the next 4 months. The Part B penalty will increase your monthly premiums so obviously the longer you wait to enroll the higher your monthly premiums will be.

Eligibility for Medicare in New Hampshire for the Disabled under 65

For certain individuals that carry Railroad Retirement benefits or those individuals who currently are on Social Security Disability, the eligibility for Medicare Parts A and B begin after 24 months. Also, individuals who have End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) in New Hampshire and are under the age of 65 are eligible for Medigap Plans.

Additionally, the Medigap Plans are extended to the disabled under 65 in New Hampshire at a different rate for those applicants over 65.

How to Sign Up for New Hampshire Medicare Supplement Plans

During the 7 month OEP is the optimal time to enroll for any of the Medigap Plans. Remember, you must be 65 years old and enrolled in Medicare Part B to be eligible for Medigap insurance.

So if you turn 65 on July 18th and you enroll for Medicare Part B on August 5th then the OEP would begin on September 1st. You then are eligible through the month March with the added benefit of the Guaranteed Issue (GI) right.

One of the benefits of enrolling with the GI is that you automatically are approved for Medigap insurance. This is great for a number of reasons, but mainly if you have any pre-existing medical conditions they cannot turn you away for coverage.

Additionally, they cannot charge you any more on your premiums for those same conditions.

Once your OEP ends you may be subject to the medical underwriting process, insurance can charge higher monthly premiums for pre-existing conditions and can altogether deny you coverage.

Medigap Premiums in New Hampshire

Each state determines what to charge for  insurance premiums. The cost is based on these determining factors: age, gender and location. So a premium rate for an older woman in Bedford, NH  will vary from premium rates of a younger gentleman residing in Concord, NH.

Another way insurance carriers determine premium rates is through using 1 of 3 different methods which you can learn more about here.

The Best Medigap Plan in New Hampshire

Just like with Traditional Medicare, there are separate parts, or in this case 10 plans that make up Medigap insurance. The 10 letter plans will stay the same regardless of which carrier you decide to enroll with and the only difference will be the cost the carrier chooses to charge for premiums. The top 3 letter plans are Plans F, G and N.

Plan F

  • Considered the most popular of all the letter plans
  • Least OOP expenses as once Medicare Part A and Part B provides coverage, Plan F covers the remainder of the medical costs
  • Covers Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B deductibles
  • Covers Part B coinsurance and copayments.
  • Covers Excess charges which physicians in New Hampshire are allowed to charge in addition to the Medicare allowables.
  • Provides foreign travel coverage which not all plans include.

Plan G

  • Covers the exact same benefits as Plan F with the exception of the $183.00 Medicare Part B deductible.
  • Covers excess charges

Plan N

  • The most affordable of all the letter plans
  • Covers Medicare Part A deductible but not Medicare Part B deductible.
  • The beneficiary will be required to pay small copays for outpatient office visits and ER visits.
  • Does not cover any excess charges.

New Hampshire Medicare Advantage Plans

Similar to the Medigap Plans, Medicare Advantage plans are sold by the private insurance companies in your state. Medicare Advantage Plans take over complete coverage of Traditional Medicare Part A and Part B but come with restrictions.

Coverage limitations, prior authorizations and in-network treatment facilities are a downside with this plan but the upside is Medicare Replacement Plans are typically cheaper than a Medigap Plan.

While this plan sounds appealing, the OOP costs overtime add up and a Medigap Plan in conjunction with Medicare Part A and B ends up providing better coverage with lesser overall cost..

Part D Plans Plans for Medicare in New Hampshire

With no RX drug coverage offered with Traditional Medicare, Medicare Advantage or any of the Medigap Plans, purchasing a PDP plan is necessary to save on OOP medical costs. With drug costs expanding each year, going without drug coverage is no longer an option.

Another major downside to not obtaining a PDP is the Part D penalty. The penalty starts after your 7 month IEP and depending on how long you go without drug coverage will depend on how big the penalty ends up being.

Comprehensive insurance coverage for seniors in New Hampshire includes Traditional Medicare, a Medigap Plan and a Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plan.

Get Help with New Hampshire Medicare Costs

With Traditional Medicare only covering medical costs at 80%, the remaining 20% can quickly add up. For the Medicare beneficiary, a New Hampshire Medigap Plan can help with the OOP costs associated with that 20% not covered.

To get hep with New Hampshire Medicare costs call or click today. You can compare rates here and our licensed insurance agents are available to helps with any insurance questions you may have.

New Hampshire Medicare Resources

There are Medicare Savings Programs available to those seniors that reside in New Hampshire that are in need of government assistance when it comes to insurance cost. You can visit the  Centers for Medicare and Medicaid or New Hampshire’s individual savings page at SHIP for more resources.

Medicare Facts

  • In 2013, 18% of beneficiaries receiving benefits from Medicare were on disability. Of that 18%, just under 430 of them were diagnosed with ESRD.
  • By 2015, 20% of the population was on Medicare, which makes the total number of beneficiaries in the state reach a total of 260,000+.

New Hampshire FAQs

  • Does Anthem Blue Cross of New Hampshire offer Medicare plans? Yes, Anthem BCBS offers Medigap Plans for New Hampshire seniors. You can speak with one of our licensed insurance agents for more information on BCBS plans and they can also compare rates with the other insurance providers.
  • Does New Hampshire Medicare cover hospice care? Yes, your Medicare Part A hospital benefits will cover hospice care however as stated on the Medicare website you must meet certain criteria:
    • Your hospice doctor and your regular doctor (if you have one) certify that you’re terminally ill (you’re expected to live 6 months or less).
    • You accept palliative care (for comfort) instead of care to cure your illness.
    • You sign a statement choosing hospice care instead of other Medicare-covered treatments for your terminal illness and related conditions.
    • Only your hospice doctor and your regular doctor (if you have one) can certify that you’re terminally ill and have a life expectancy of 6 months or less.
  • What Bedford doctors accept Medicare? Most physicians in Bedford, NH take Medicare. Not all physicians will take a Medicare Advantage Plan and for more information on which providers take Medigap Plans you can contact us today. You can also reference the centers for Medicare and Medicaid to see which physicians in your area take Medicare by clicking here.