Medicare Supplement Plan M (Medigap)

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Medicare Supplement Plan M is just one of the many available options to help fill in the gaps for those with Medicare.

Plan M helps to offset many of the medical costs that are not fully covered by Medicare. Helping with some of the deductibles, co-pays, and coinsurance requirements.

Medicare Supplement Plan M Coverage

Like other plans, Medicare Supplement Plan M coverage doesn’t include everything.

It has options that differ from some of the other supplemental insurance plans available.

The most comprehensive options are Plan F & Plan G. These two plans have more robust benefits but also cost more.

Medicare Supplement Plan M fills in the gaps for:

  • Hospitalization
  • Skilled nursing facilities,
  • Hospice care with Medicare Part A.

The insured must pay a portion of the Part A deductible with Plan M paying some of the rest.

Medicare Supplement Plan M will cover the remaining percentage of Medicare-approved medical expenses not covered directly by Medicare.

This is typically 20% of approved healthcare expenses.

These medical costs may occur through:

  • A physician
  • Inpatient or outpatient surgeries or treatments
  • Approved supplies
  • Therapies
  • Equipment
  • Other medically necessary medical expenses that are approved by Medicare.

Plan M will not cover the Medicare Part B deductible or any of the Part B excess charges.

Medicare Supplement Plan M Benefits

Additional Medicare Supplement Plan M benefits include when blood is needed during any medical procedure or surgery.

Medicare begins coverage after the first three pints. Plan M will cover these first three pints of blood. There is no additional expense to the insured.

Some necessary emergency care during foreign travel is also provided.

Once the insured pays the deductible, Plan M will cover 80% of these necessary medical expenses.

The patient is still required to pay for 20% of these expenses. There’s a lifetime limit on foreign travel medical benefits.

Determining the Best Medicare Supplemental Plans

Because each plan is different, it’s often difficult for individuals to determine what plan fits their unique healthcare needs.

Those who are looking for insurance to supplement Medicare can call our number on the site or fill out our compare rates form.

Thus, you’ll receive rates and benefits for supplemental coverage to see if Medicare Plan M is the best option.

Our Medicare Supplement agents near you will help you decide which plan would be best for your current health situation.

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